Red (Blank)

‘Blank’ she shouted. ‘I want it left blank’.

Her arm waved wildly out of the car window as it shot past the gate, her red hair tumbling in the breeze, her eye fixed on her target.

Hmmm… thought Karl. ‘Blank eh?’ Well, we’ll see..

Karl work out he had enough time to experiment before she returned.  Enough time to make it all blank so she’d never know he didn’t listen in the first place.

Besides, Charlotte always got her own way and for once he wanted to show her he could come up with the great ideas too.

Flowers, he wanted big, bold, beautiful red flowers on the stone walls. It would be such a stark yet stunning contrast to the Mediterranean azure sea and sky that was outside yet inside the room when all the doors folded back.

Karl had enough of white walls!  Flowers, he’d give her flowers, but not any old flowers..



Lost and then some..

Lost and then some….
This journey of ours… so tough,  so beautiful, so harrowing,  so happy
Where do I to find what I need..
What is it that I need..
My answer is love…
But I know I have love
Therefore I don’t need to find love
It’s is all around me
Its the life flow, the hear and now
The was and the will be..
But I know I have to find the love in me
I have to find the love of me
For to love me is to love you

She speaks to my soul..

She speaks to my soul
She pulls me to the core
The energy she brings me is like no other
I could listen to her talk to me for hours
Listen to her calling my soul
Listen to her bringing me so alive
She is pure energy, pure power
She will strike with fear or love
To me she’s always been a part of me
But a part thats not alive till she comes
She is thunder, she is lightening
And she speaks to my very soul

Your dreams or mine?

I work and then I weep
Yet you don’t see me weep
For it is my soul that weeps
It is my soul wrapped in chains
Locked into what I feel I have to do
To have a home like yours
To have a car like yours
To dream your dreams
But what if my soul dreams
She cries out to me in the silence
She cries out to me in the chaos
Do I need all this that you want
Or do I really just want to live
Do I want to live my own dreams
Do I want to feel life in my soul
To hear her sing to my heart
To connect, to be free to understand
What life truly is… yes, I think I do..