Perspective.. (angry)

Angry? You think this is angry?’

Ben let out a sigh. He knew it was best to just stop at this point or else he would get really angry. That wouldn’t be a good idea with a 4yr old in tow.

He looked down at Tim, his little face staring up at him waiting for what was going to happen next. Ben scooped him up in his arms and hugged him whilst giving him a little tickle. Tim let out a loud squeal.

Ben looked into his son’s eyes and knew there were far more important things in life. ‘Shall we go and get an ice cream?’ he asked.

Tim let out a loud ‘yay’ and threw both his little arms in the air. Ben laughed and spun on his heels heading out into the sunshine. Certain things in life were fare more important and this was one of them.

Waiting another two hours for the car to be ready had to be put into perspective. Making the most of those two hours with Tim was now his mission. Ice cream first stop!



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