Our journey…..

Purpose is a loaded word…

What is our purpose being the biggest of the questions  think. And how would you answer that? We don’t know our future and it’s better that we don’t in many ways.

Some can see the future now and again in flashes/dreams or visions but that still doesn’t answer the question.

I guess it’s an individual answer that will come from the question. Some people say they know their purpose in life and follow that known route with a passion and love.

Others are lost on the sea of life and drift hopefully to the next destination or purpose that may momentarily or more provide an answer.

Me? Well I was a drifter all my life… now into my 50’s I have found a passion and what you might call a purpose. Within that purpose here are still so many avenues and possibilities it does make me wonder if you can truly have a sole purpose?

Life’s  so full of unexpected extras and distractions from chosen paths..

Maybe when we get to the end we are given a view and our purpose was just right for us… whichever way went!!




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