Smooth as…

‘<a href="http://Smooth“>Smooth! I want it totally smooth – no lumps  no bumps, no nothing’.

Annie knew she was a total pain in the ass with the builders. She knew they dreaded her walking into a room when they were working.

Everything just had to be minutely perfect.  No ifs, no buts. Anyone coming in to work at Annie might arrive with a smile but very quickly they’d have the measure of her.

And if they thought they’d work fast just to get the hell out, they would soon find out it wasn’t that easy. Though she had experienced builders disappearing before now..

James stayed well out of it. Mainly because he’d get embarrassed for the workmen when Annie started. He’d say ‘cheers guys, Annie will show you what to do’ and he’d be gone. His wife was a serious tour de force.

‘Ok, here’s a written list of what I want and the house rules!’

James chuckled to himself and quietly closed the door. ‘Rather you than me mate! ‘


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