Sofa so good.. or not…

<a href="http://Playful“>Playful? Is that what you call it?

He looked around the room. There really wasn’t much left of the sofa.

It was like a bomb had gone off under it and the debris had showered the room.

He look at Arthur. His head hung low as he trembled. His huge worried eyes looking up at him. His daughter, Amber, was on her knees with her arms tightly wrapped around her beloved Arthur’s neck, ready to fight his corner at all costs.

A look of ‘sorry’ and sadness showed in her face and eyes. They had bought Arthur for her after 2yrs of constant begging that brought them to the point of giving in.

Chris put his head in his hands for a moment, shaking it slowly at the same time. As he looked up at them both and the shower of what looked like snow everywhere the laughter began.

It was an exasperated laugh at first but then he saw Amber start to beam in the hope she could swing the situation. Even Arthur sensed he might be ok and started to wiggle like he was possessed.

And so the laughter just took over the room. In the end they were flayling about on the sofa in hysterics and having a foam snow fight with Arthur trying to lick them to death and chasing bits of foam.

Sometimes the best moments come from just letting go and understanding what’s actually important in life…


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