Connected blessings..

<a href="http://Connected“>Connected…. what is it that makes us feel connected to someone?

At what point is that connection made? Sometimes a glance, sometimes a light bulb moment in the middle of crazy laughter when you just know you’re connected to this person and always will be.

What of a dream that tells you they’re coming. Are you connected at that moment or when you meet? Are you connected more because you were told they were coming?

But oh the joy of that connection.. that automatic knowing you belong on the same path. Yet, we don’t really know how long that person is joining our journey for.

Sometimes we want it to be forever and with others we know they will fly as another path awaits them.

But connection is an amazing blessing that we don’t often stop and really take in.

So stop, take a look at that blessing and give them a big hug and tell them what you feel. Life and they are precious.


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