​Bland, wild, crazy, off her tits

Call her anything but bland
Crocked pots, straightened hair
A superior mix of musty madness
Hitched up, hitched outwards smiling
Love; blind, rolling, rough, drawing
Sweet pine lust, solid darkness
You send my mind, you free my wits
Coldness harsh. Harsh against my heart
I wish you all, all you can impress
My wild, my tame, my out flung shame
She calls me, she dribbles, she pours
Pulled from my door, questioned by thought
Thunder rapes the sky, rolling, tumbling
He waits for nothing, he’s meat, he’s fresh
The pain wafts like a sweet fragrance
Open to the grass that sits between toes
She goes wherever she goes
She knows cantankerous bounds of dark
But she’s unique, insane, and all you want
Never call her bland,  anything but bland.


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