Fair winds…

fb_img_1465307023003.jpgShe’s up and she’s down upon the seas.

She’s here and there upon life’s swell.

She bobs along pretty well on her journey really.

She’ll hold her course when the storms appear.

She’ll watch for harsh winds and adjusts her sails.

She never forgets the storms that come her way.

But she’ll nod and say ‘I’ll just sail into another day’.

She wants to sail a calm and loving sea if she can

She wants all to sail a calm and loving sea.

She’s not perfect, she’ll tell you that herself.

But somehow they want to fold away her billowing sails.

They want her moored to an old harbour wall.

But she’ll never be moored and never be tied.

She’ll cast off, unfurl her spinnaker and fly.

But she’ll wave to them all tied to the harbour wall.




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