Dreams and wishes. .

My day is full of dreams and wishes
I wish for this and I dream of that
In between the mundane and routine
I lose myself to somewhere,  anywhere
To the things that make me happy
To the things that make me remember
I remember the smile you gave to me
I remember the love that came with you
The happiness we had on those lazy days
The life that seemed so simple, so free
All that crazy love you gave to me
I dream of those happy times
I wish you could come back, I miss you
Dreams and wishes..


Two words…

I find myself so sad & melancholy this day..
For today I got the news no one wants.
The news a lovely friend has had to bear.
Given 2 words that instantly change everything.
‘Brain tumour’ – such sickening, visual words.
Words that instil anger, fear and pain.
Anger that someone so lovely is gripped.
Fear at the thought of her battle ahead.
Pain in my heart for her & her family.
She gives out so much happiness to all.
She makes people laugh and smile each day.
It’s so hard to understand ‘why her?’
She has a husband/children/grandchildren.
There’s a battle like no other before her.
But she’s a fighter & I’ll shower her with healing.
Shine bright my lovely, funny, kind friend.
I am so much richer for having you in my life.
We’re all fighting with you and for you. xx

Tuesday or any day..

Me: ‘Hello again lovely Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘Hello Helen, my dear friend’.
Tues: ‘What do you want today?’
Me: ‘Well, I want to be happy Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘What would make you happy today?’
Me: ‘Hmm… big Question Tuesday!’

I stop and think of my choices.

Me: ‘I think I want happiness itself’
Tues: ‘But happiness surrounds you my friend.’
Me: ‘Then I think I want love Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘But you are very loved dear Helen’
Me: ‘ok, I shall ask for health dear friend’
Tues: ‘But you see/speak/hear/think/walk & laugh’.
Me: ‘I’m going to ask for peace then Tuesday!’
Tues: ‘You have peace inside your soul Helen.’
Me: ‘Thank you for I now know what I need’
Tues: ‘But you need nothing my dear friend’
Me: ‘Agreed, but I do need gratitude Tuesday’
Tues: ‘Yes my friend.’ x’:


In the blink of any eye you are reminded

Reminded of how very precious life is

That at any given moment it can and does change

Chatting with a friend and your reminder comes

Gently sleeping and your reminder comes

She often doesn’t let you know she’s knocking

But if you’re lucky she’ll give you an early nudge

She’ll give you a nudge so you get another chance

And when you get that chance life unfolds

Unfolds in bluer skies, greener grass, sweeter smells

You realise what’s important in your life

Your family, your friends & the simple beauty of life.

Naughty or nice…

Sometimes she’ll sooth my worries with her words.

Other times she’ll reveal a very naughty tale!

But she knows I’ll be there for her.

Whether she’s being naughty or nice!

Actually.. I quite like the naughty tales.

For they fill our lungs with laughter.

‘You didn’t’ I say? ‘Yes, I did’ she says!’

And then we roar even more…

But it’s that laughter that bonds our souls.

Keep surprising me my lovely friend!

For you feed my very soul with love and laughter!


20160809_065307-01.jpegIt prods and nudges you even if you ask it not to.

You relax, you centre, you breath – it nudges you.

You sigh, you fidget, you move – it nudges you.

You go to the loo & go back to bed – it nudges you.

Why does worry not let you go, let you rest?

In the wee small hours it only grows in proportion.

Grows until you are wide awake with worry.

Then just before dawn you’ll drift off to sleep.

To be drowsily woken not long after by a piercing alarm.

Then you can sanely realise it isn’t a big worry at all.

It was just the night monsters at play once again….

Fair winds…

fb_img_1465307023003.jpgShe’s up and she’s down upon the seas.

She’s here and there upon life’s swell.

She bobs along pretty well on her journey really.

She’ll hold her course when the storms appear.

She’ll watch for harsh winds and adjusts her sails.

She never forgets the storms that come her way.

But she’ll nod and say ‘I’ll just sail into another day’.

She wants to sail a calm and loving sea if she can

She wants all to sail a calm and loving sea.

She’s not perfect, she’ll tell you that herself.

But somehow they want to fold away her billowing sails.

They want her moored to an old harbour wall.

But she’ll never be moored and never be tied.

She’ll cast off, unfurl her spinnaker and fly.

But she’ll wave to them all tied to the harbour wall.



She lives on. .

She dances to a longer tune.

She does you know..

She dances way, way above us.

She spins an endless, eternal swirl.

She is love, she is light, she is all.

She’s both night and day.

She ceaselessly watches my path.

Ceaselessly lights my way.

Her lessons ring on in my tears.

Her love lives on in my heart. 

I hear her sing silently to my soul..

‘I’m No longer here yet always near’

I love you xx 

Her love…

She turns, turns again & settles on my lap.

She looks up at me to see that I’m ok.

She can’t ask me so her eyes speak to my soul.

The eyes that watch me, follow me & talk without words.

Comfort, love and companionship all there.

A gentle kindness is carried within her.

I’m uplifted just in seeing her look at me.

Such trust, such wisdom, such love.

I’m so very blessed to have her love.

Poppy…. thank you, just thank you xx