How can such a little fluff ball fill such a big space?
Quickly letting us know she was pivotal to our world.

She never asks for much – a warm spot, high five and a fuss.
But she some how filled my heart with those beautiful eyes & gentle soul.

Yet my beautiful one.. you have a battle ahead of you no one should have
Fighting to live, play, snooze, eat, cuddle & be so loved.

You watch the birdies outside, unaware of the battle that wages inside you.
I send you healing my beautiful one, hoping it can somehow stop the war.

I need to tell you how much I love you & how you’ve brought such joy.
Whether we beat this cancer or not, thank you sweet Poppy.

I was given such a precious gift when you came my way that summers day.
I’m beyond blessed to share your time and I love you so… thank you xx


Her love…

She turns, turns again & settles on my lap.

She looks up at me to see that I’m ok.

She can’t ask me so her eyes speak to my soul.

The eyes that watch me, follow me & talk without words.

Comfort, love and companionship all there.

A gentle kindness is carried within her.

I’m uplifted just in seeing her look at me.

Such trust, such wisdom, such love.

I’m so very blessed to have her love.

Poppy…. thank you, just thank you xx