Missing you.. 

The older I get the more I miss them. .

I mean I really do miss them more and more.

I’m reaching older years so what’s that all about? 

My loss seems more tangible than ever. I feel it deep in my soul just lately.
Is it because as I age I feel each day is a step closer to seeing them again?

I don’t know but I do know time is letting me realise how much I was loved and how lucky I was.

I so wish I could go back in time and savour all those moments I just took for granted as a child. 

Be able to say thank you with a true understanding of what I am receiving and the thought and love behind it all.

But I can’t. . I can only remember now and hope they know my eternal gratitude and love.

Thank you mum and dad, I hit the jackpot with you both. I miss you more than you’ll ever know xx 


She lives on. .

She dances to a longer tune.

She does you know..

She dances way, way above us.

She spins an endless, eternal swirl.

She is love, she is light, she is all.

She’s both night and day.

She ceaselessly watches my path.

Ceaselessly lights my way.

Her lessons ring on in my tears.

Her love lives on in my heart. 

I hear her sing silently to my soul..

‘I’m No longer here yet always near’

I love you xx