Here already..

Friday, such a good day to me.

Well that + love and true friends.

We’re more blessed than we realise.

Stop reaching for the stars far away. 

See whats already sitting on  your doorstep…


Two words…

I find myself so sad & melancholy this day..
For today I got the news no one wants.
The news a lovely friend has had to bear.
Given 2 words that instantly change everything.
‘Brain tumour’ – such sickening, visual words.
Words that instil anger, fear and pain.
Anger that someone so lovely is gripped.
Fear at the thought of her battle ahead.
Pain in my heart for her & her family.
She gives out so much happiness to all.
She makes people laugh and smile each day.
It’s so hard to understand ‘why her?’
She has a husband/children/grandchildren.
There’s a battle like no other before her.
But she’s a fighter & I’ll shower her with healing.
Shine bright my lovely, funny, kind friend.
I am so much richer for having you in my life.
We’re all fighting with you and for you. xx

Tuesday or any day..

Me: ‘Hello again lovely Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘Hello Helen, my dear friend’.
Tues: ‘What do you want today?’
Me: ‘Well, I want to be happy Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘What would make you happy today?’
Me: ‘Hmm… big Question Tuesday!’

I stop and think of my choices.

Me: ‘I think I want happiness itself’
Tues: ‘But happiness surrounds you my friend.’
Me: ‘Then I think I want love Tuesday’.
Tues: ‘But you are very loved dear Helen’
Me: ‘ok, I shall ask for health dear friend’
Tues: ‘But you see/speak/hear/think/walk & laugh’.
Me: ‘I’m going to ask for peace then Tuesday!’
Tues: ‘You have peace inside your soul Helen.’
Me: ‘Thank you for I now know what I need’
Tues: ‘But you need nothing my dear friend’
Me: ‘Agreed, but I do need gratitude Tuesday’
Tues: ‘Yes my friend.’ x’:


In the blink of any eye you are reminded

Reminded of how very precious life is

That at any given moment it can and does change

Chatting with a friend and your reminder comes

Gently sleeping and your reminder comes

She often doesn’t let you know she’s knocking

But if you’re lucky she’ll give you an early nudge

She’ll give you a nudge so you get another chance

And when you get that chance life unfolds

Unfolds in bluer skies, greener grass, sweeter smells

You realise what’s important in your life

Your family, your friends & the simple beauty of life.

Fair winds…

fb_img_1465307023003.jpgShe’s up and she’s down upon the seas.

She’s here and there upon life’s swell.

She bobs along pretty well on her journey really.

She’ll hold her course when the storms appear.

She’ll watch for harsh winds and adjusts her sails.

She never forgets the storms that come her way.

But she’ll nod and say ‘I’ll just sail into another day’.

She wants to sail a calm and loving sea if she can

She wants all to sail a calm and loving sea.

She’s not perfect, she’ll tell you that herself.

But somehow they want to fold away her billowing sails.

They want her moored to an old harbour wall.

But she’ll never be moored and never be tied.

She’ll cast off, unfurl her spinnaker and fly.

But she’ll wave to them all tied to the harbour wall.



Another day..


Another day comes my way.

Another day that I get to stay.

But do I see what’s been given?

Do I really realise the gift bestowed?

The clock ticks through my new day.

A day that’s different to yesterday.

But much the same as some other day.

Just another day to get myself through?

But I don’t want it to be like that anymore.

I want to stop, see, smell, feel and live it.

Maybe I should set my alarm to remind me?

But it’s sad that I should have to be reminded.

Reminded of such a precious, beautiful gift.

So I’m going to try and stop each & every day.

Take a good look around me and say ‘wow’.

Are you going to?

We wait…

We spend our lives waiting..

Waiting for that phone call.

Waiting for Friday to arrive.

Waiting for Santa Claus.

Waiting for someone to notice.

Waiting for the bus to come.

Waiting to use the bathroom.

Our whole life is spent waiting..

But can we stop the waiting?

Yes, we can live in the moment.

But we still have to wait.

We wait even to be born.

Yes, I think we just have to wait.

Wait until we don’t have to wait anymore…


The Compass

She tried hard and worked on

Not all were happy for her

No all would be kind to her

She tried hard and worked on

She would wonder why

Never able to work out that ‘why’

She tried hard and worked on

She vowed to work only with love

To her, the only & always way

She tried hard and worked on

And she sent that love out to all

Though not always returned to her

She tried hard and worked on

She knew her soul was her compass

For her soul was the one who would tell her:

Try hard and work on..


Transformation either way…

Many things in life can cause a transformation. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s for the worse.

Think of the person that’s been told they have cancer and then fight against all the odds to survive. Their life is transformed and they know they have a second chance. Often they then live a fuller, happier life because they choose only to do what makes them happy as they have a new understanding of how precious life is. What about the person who has lost the most precious person in the world to them or maybe more than one person. Their transformation can be very different as they may wonder if life is actually worth living at all. They then can push the self destruct button and spiral down into total despair.

But maybe the person that has been given a second chance is the one that is supposed to pick up that person who has lost all hope. Maybe they are there to help them find a positive transformation from the sorrow they have gone through.

The master plan is complex… Do we know all of it’s twist, turns and pathways?

No we don’t and I don’t think we are supposed to… it is complex and some believe it’s all meant to be whilst others believe we are flesh and blood living each moment only.

I guess we’ll never know… or will we….


In the blink of an eye..

Sheffield Park 177In the literal blink of an eye everything we perceive can alter

Things we took for granted are suddenly so precious 

The tiniest things seem truly wondrous as if new to us

The bird song is sweeter, the blue skies are bluer

But it’s often not until we get that shock in life

That we take note of everything that is really around us

We’re so busy living in our moment day to day

That we don’t see the small things that we really should

So look around you, see all the small things you should

See the big things but with more interest

For it’s all beautiful – every second, every minute, every day.