Here already..

Friday, such a good day to me.

Well that + love and true friends.

We’re more blessed than we realise.

Stop reaching for the stars far away. 

See whats already sitting on  your doorstep…


Step back..

Step back, step back my dear girl.
Step back into your own peace of mind.
Stay quiet & grounded and true to you.
Others will mock you with silence.
Others will be true with their praise.
It’s the silence that you will feel most.
Step back dear girl, step back.

Dreams and wishes. .

My day is full of dreams and wishes
I wish for this and I dream of that
In between the mundane and routine
I lose myself to somewhere,  anywhere
To the things that make me happy
To the things that make me remember
I remember the smile you gave to me
I remember the love that came with you
The happiness we had on those lazy days
The life that seemed so simple, so free
All that crazy love you gave to me
I dream of those happy times
I wish you could come back, I miss you
Dreams and wishes..

Naughty or nice…

Sometimes she’ll sooth my worries with her words.

Other times she’ll reveal a very naughty tale!

But she knows I’ll be there for her.

Whether she’s being naughty or nice!

Actually.. I quite like the naughty tales.

For they fill our lungs with laughter.

‘You didn’t’ I say? ‘Yes, I did’ she says!’

And then we roar even more…

But it’s that laughter that bonds our souls.

Keep surprising me my lovely friend!

For you feed my very soul with love and laughter!

Her love…

She turns, turns again & settles on my lap.

She looks up at me to see that I’m ok.

She can’t ask me so her eyes speak to my soul.

The eyes that watch me, follow me & talk without words.

Comfort, love and companionship all there.

A gentle kindness is carried within her.

I’m uplifted just in seeing her look at me.

Such trust, such wisdom, such love.

I’m so very blessed to have her love.

Poppy…. thank you, just thank you xx 

A way..

Eyes opening, finding my way again.

My way through the little mist cast.

Cast by others to sadden my journey.

But that mist is their mist, not mine.

I look inside and see bright sunshine.

So I shall sing along my own little route.

I shall dance and smile to my own little tune.

Cast your mists my way if you must.

But trust me, I’ll always shine through.20151101_161958-02.jpeg


Quietly she listens to the silence.

Ensconced in the silent joy of peace.

She watches the birds as they silently sweep.

She watchest the cat as it silently sleeps.

She silently wishes for all to hear peace.

Pain, stress, sickness all have their noise.

Fighting, destruction, sadness all have their noise.

Peace is fleeting but those far less fortunate hear less peace 

than most of us… 

Another day..


Another day comes my way.

Another day that I get to stay.

But do I see what’s been given?

Do I really realise the gift bestowed?

The clock ticks through my new day.

A day that’s different to yesterday.

But much the same as some other day.

Just another day to get myself through?

But I don’t want it to be like that anymore.

I want to stop, see, smell, feel and live it.

Maybe I should set my alarm to remind me?

But it’s sad that I should have to be reminded.

Reminded of such a precious, beautiful gift.

So I’m going to try and stop each & every day.

Take a good look around me and say ‘wow’.

Are you going to?