Life is one big, long on-going blur
Everything goes past us so quickly

We vow to do more and to feel more
But do we ever really open that door

In our darker moments we make the pledge
But the mundane of life puts us back in the box

Back in the lemming box of normality and ritual
Hoping our inner Jack will pop out of the box

To really live, love, laugh, talk, bare souls, watch the stars
I don’t want to be Jack in the box

I want to be Jack out the box….
Come on… it’s just a lid at the end of the day…20151001_183810.jpg


Another day..


Another day comes my way.

Another day that I get to stay.

But do I see what’s been given?

Do I really realise the gift bestowed?

The clock ticks through my new day.

A day that’s different to yesterday.

But much the same as some other day.

Just another day to get myself through?

But I don’t want it to be like that anymore.

I want to stop, see, smell, feel and live it.

Maybe I should set my alarm to remind me?

But it’s sad that I should have to be reminded.

Reminded of such a precious, beautiful gift.

So I’m going to try and stop each & every day.

Take a good look around me and say ‘wow’.

Are you going to?

We wait…

We spend our lives waiting..

Waiting for that phone call.

Waiting for Friday to arrive.

Waiting for Santa Claus.

Waiting for someone to notice.

Waiting for the bus to come.

Waiting to use the bathroom.

Our whole life is spent waiting..

But can we stop the waiting?

Yes, we can live in the moment.

But we still have to wait.

We wait even to be born.

Yes, I think we just have to wait.

Wait until we don’t have to wait anymore…


Our journey…..

Purpose is a loaded word…

What is our purpose being the biggest of the questions  think. And how would you answer that? We don’t know our future and it’s better that we don’t in many ways.

Some can see the future now and again in flashes/dreams or visions but that still doesn’t answer the question.

I guess it’s an individual answer that will come from the question. Some people say they know their purpose in life and follow that known route with a passion and love.

Others are lost on the sea of life and drift hopefully to the next destination or purpose that may momentarily or more provide an answer.

Me? Well I was a drifter all my life… now into my 50’s I have found a passion and what you might call a purpose. Within that purpose here are still so many avenues and possibilities it does make me wonder if you can truly have a sole purpose?

Life’s  so full of unexpected extras and distractions from chosen paths..

Maybe when we get to the end we are given a view and our purpose was just right for us… whichever way went!!