How can such a little fluff ball fill such a big space?
Quickly letting us know she was pivotal to our world.

She never asks for much – a warm spot, high five and a fuss.
But she some how filled my heart with those beautiful eyes & gentle soul.

Yet my beautiful one.. you have a battle ahead of you no one should have
Fighting to live, play, snooze, eat, cuddle & be so loved.

You watch the birdies outside, unaware of the battle that wages inside you.
I send you healing my beautiful one, hoping it can somehow stop the war.

I need to tell you how much I love you & how you’ve brought such joy.
Whether we beat this cancer or not, thank you sweet Poppy.

I was given such a precious gift when you came my way that summers day.
I’m beyond blessed to share your time and I love you so… thank you xx



Life is one big, long on-going blur
Everything goes past us so quickly

We vow to do more and to feel more
But do we ever really open that door

In our darker moments we make the pledge
But the mundane of life puts us back in the box

Back in the lemming box of normality and ritual
Hoping our inner Jack will pop out of the box

To really live, love, laugh, talk, bare souls, watch the stars
I don’t want to be Jack in the box

I want to be Jack out the box….
Come on… it’s just a lid at the end of the day…20151001_183810.jpg

Dreams and wishes. .

My day is full of dreams and wishes
I wish for this and I dream of that
In between the mundane and routine
I lose myself to somewhere,  anywhere
To the things that make me happy
To the things that make me remember
I remember the smile you gave to me
I remember the love that came with you
The happiness we had on those lazy days
The life that seemed so simple, so free
All that crazy love you gave to me
I dream of those happy times
I wish you could come back, I miss you
Dreams and wishes..

She lives on. .

She dances to a longer tune.

She does you know..

She dances way, way above us.

She spins an endless, eternal swirl.

She is love, she is light, she is all.

She’s both night and day.

She ceaselessly watches my path.

Ceaselessly lights my way.

Her lessons ring on in my tears.

Her love lives on in my heart. 

I hear her sing silently to my soul..

‘I’m No longer here yet always near’

I love you xx 

For Neale… RIP

Please be there she asked
Please let me know that you’re ok
Her mind tumbled in desperate thought
Her body longed to hear and feel anything
Where are you my love
Where have you gone without me
Pain poured from her eyes
Pain suffocated her heart
I so long for your touch
Eyes closed, she felt his hand slip into hers
She smiled
I knew you’d come she said,  I knew you’d come