My old friend…

I love the long, warm days of summer.
The extra sunshine that makes more of my day.

I moan when the season starts to change.
When I wake up cold and pull on an extra cover.

At the same time knowing I love the change.
Love the melancholic drifting of wood smoke.

Love the beautiful colours against crisp sunlight.
The kicking of leaves on a long, rambling walk.

Hot drinks and cosy nights start to draw in.
This season is the one that heralds it’s arrival.

That shouts with fiery glory that it’s here.
Yes, I like the summer warmth for sure.

But I think I love Autumn maybe even more.
Welcome once again my old, beautiful friend


A way..

Eyes opening, finding my way again.

My way through the little mist cast.

Cast by others to sadden my journey.

But that mist is their mist, not mine.

I look inside and see bright sunshine.

So I shall sing along my own little route.

I shall dance and smile to my own little tune.

Cast your mists my way if you must.

But trust me, I’ll always shine through.20151101_161958-02.jpeg