Life is one big, long on-going blur
Everything goes past us so quickly

We vow to do more and to feel more
But do we ever really open that door

In our darker moments we make the pledge
But the mundane of life puts us back in the box

Back in the lemming box of normality and ritual
Hoping our inner Jack will pop out of the box

To really live, love, laugh, talk, bare souls, watch the stars
I don’t want to be Jack in the box

I want to be Jack out the box….
Come on… it’s just a lid at the end of the day…20151001_183810.jpg


Her love…

She turns, turns again & settles on my lap.

She looks up at me to see that I’m ok.

She can’t ask me so her eyes speak to my soul.

The eyes that watch me, follow me & talk without words.

Comfort, love and companionship all there.

A gentle kindness is carried within her.

I’m uplifted just in seeing her look at me.

Such trust, such wisdom, such love.

I’m so very blessed to have her love.

Poppy…. thank you, just thank you xx